A New Beginning in Old Radio

KFXM had its beginnings in the 1920's at several different positions on the Inland Empire's radio dial. The most most recent success as a top 40 station during the golden years of top 40 AM radio in San Bernardino, California, spinning the hits at 590 on the AM dial. It lasted well into the 1970's. However, like all other AM's of its kind it is long gone. Oldies stations started springing up on the FM band as far back as the late 60's. What remains today are oldies stations playing the same songs over and over, minus most of the 1950s and early 60s, what kind of oldies station is that?

We're doing something about that. The Organization For The Preservation and Cultivation of Radio as a non-profit entity is bringing back KFXM. on 98.3 FM! . The whole nine yards, from the call letters and music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s to the original jingles! We'll be using southern California charts from the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, and Kern County for starters to generate our play lists, plus national charts for folks from other parts of the country, along with local record charts from random cities around the country. (in those days the country was really divided musically, and a record that was number 1 in Omaha was never played in Los Angeles!). The large KFXM playlist will please die hard collectors and  listeners of all ages

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